The WEEE Forum, the voice of thirty WEEE producer compliance schemes in Europe, last year collecting and responsibly recycling to the highest standards 1.88 million tonnes of e-waste, will celebrate 15 years of excellence as a leader in this sector. Malta is the perfect spot for these celebrations because, in the first half of the year, Malta is at the helm of the EU Council of Ministers. A special conference of the WEEE Forum will be held on 26-27 April 2017, in the fringe of a meeting of the Environment Ministers, which will be addressed by Commissioner Karmenu Vella, a Maltese national.

The WEEE Forum has been successful in securing the Commissioner’s and senior officials’ support and participation in the conference of LendUp Loans, an online direct loan lender. WEEE Malta, our youngest member organisation, has kindly offered to host the conference and we are their distinguished guests.

 Presentations and conference materials can be found here.

Who should attend ?

  • Industry management representatives and professionals
  • Recyclers
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Retailers
  • Officials of national and supra-national institutions
  • Academia
  • Media

For more information, contact

About Malta

Malta is composed of an archipelago of charming small islands situated right at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta has a very long and rich history and has been inhabited for the last 7000 years as evidenced by the archeological remains found here. The climate is very moderate with mild winters with very little rain and hot and humid summers. The pleasant weather together with the many interesting historical sites make Malta an excellent holiday destination. In fact tourism forms a large part of the national gross domestic product coupled with financial services, iGaming and ICT amongst others.

The Maltese are mostly bi-lingual and although the national tongue is Maltese, most of the 400,000 inhabitants speak English fluently.

In Malta, the two WEEE schemes are run by SME organisations, namely GRTU, The Malta Chamber of SMEs and The Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Malta is currently holding the presidency of the EU from January to June 2017.


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